Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Making The Original ‘Star Wars’

Almost 40 years later, the original “Star Wars” trilogy continues to capture the imaginations of movie watchers. Looking back at the production of the first film, however, one wonders whether the people involved in making it could image just how big of a cultural force the movie would become.

Here’s a look at some rare photos of what it was like behind the scenes during the making of the original trilogy.

Overlooking Mos Eisley

Mark Hamill stands next to Alec Guinness as he delivers his famous, “You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy,” line in Tozeur, Tunisia.

Small Fighters

Visual effects supervisor John Dykstra looks over the miniature rebel fleet.

C3P0’s Suit

A photo shows Anthony Daniels fitting into the C-3P0 suit, which was notoriously hot and uncomfortable for the actor.

Lucas Directing

George Lucas directs Hamill and Carrie Fisher before their famous scene swinging across a chasm in the Death Star.

Alec Guinness On Set

Alec Guinness sits next to Lucas while waiting to shoot during the production of “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.”

Building The Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is seen recreated on an Elstree soundstage in the U.K. Many features of the original ILM miniature were faithfully reproduced, including mistakes such as a thick edge of polystyrene.

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