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Do You Have Chronically Bad Breath? Here’s How To Stop It

You could be suffering from this oral bacterial condition and not even know it, as almost 25 percent of people have it. Tonsil stones are the hardened accumulation of sulfur-producing bacteria and debris that get trapped near your tonsils, and they can cause severe bad breath. No need to worry just yet, as getting rid of them is usually easy.  


The Chronic

These little buggers are notoriously difficult to detect as they are hidden by the tonsils, so you might not be able to see them yourself. It’s a good news-bad news situation with tonsil stones: good news is you’re not in any real danger, and the bad news is you’ll have chronic bad breath.  

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Oral Care

Oral hygiene is integral to preventing tonsil stones from forming in the first place. Be sure to clean all the areas of your mouth when brushing and flossing, and use oxygenated mouth wash if possible. 

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Keep It Swabby

Using a cotton swab is a common home remedy for removing these bad breath inducing stones. Be sure to moisten the swab before lunging it at a tonsil stone, and gently—gently—massage it off the wall of your tonsils.  

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Cough Drop

Sometimes a tonsil stone will dislodge on its own and come out with a violent cough. If you are coughing and hard calcified rocks are flying out of your mouth, then be sure to get it checked out.  

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Medical Mouth Clean

If your tonsil stones are not coming out with home remedies, or simply by coughing then you may need medical attention. As mentioned, the most extreme therapy is tonsil removal, but usually a doctor will just prescribe an antibiotic.  


Makeup Brush

Here’s a person using the tip of a makeup brush to remove a tonsil stone, as they prefer the size and smoothness to that of a Q-tip. If you are going to use something like this to remove a stone, make sure it’s properly sterilized before shoving it into your mouth, or you can cause worse damage. 

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Garlic Breath

Contrary to popular belief, eating garlic can be a long-term solution to good breath. Eating raw garlic or raw onions a few times a day will help flush out the bacteria that causes tonsil stones. Your breath will stink at first, but overall this will help for stank breath. 

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Breath Death Sentence

Tonsil stones are not a bad breath death sentence. There’s a lot of easy ways to remove them from the comfort of your own home. Even if you do discover you have tonsil stones just remember that a quarter of the people you know probably do too.  

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Tried And True

The most common treatment of tonsil stones is the trusty ol’ “cure everything that ails your mouth” gargling of salt water. Salt water helps to flush out excess debris like mucus and left over particles of food around the tonsils. 

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Cut It Out

There are several methods to removing tonsil stones, and most of them are easy enough that you can do them at home. The extreme examples include having your tonsils removed. Unfortunately, even if you have your tonsils already removed, you could still experience the bad breath caused by this bacteria.

Do You Have Tonsil Stones?

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