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According To Fast Food Employees Never Order These Menu Items

Every time you pop over to your favorite fast food restaurant, there’s always a small part of you that wonders just how fresh and tasty this food really is. After all, they sell it so cheaply. Well, all your concerns have been answered, thanks to Reddit users. Fast food employees listed the things you definitely shouldn’t be ordering from your favorite restaurants.

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If you’re going to Subway, just know that the “oven-roasted chicken” was actually boiled in the microwave, according to Reddit user Hotpotabo.

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All those sandwiches you love from Starbucks? Those actually arrived at the coffee shop frozen, according to likeabaker. They’re not fresh at all. Same goes for the “secret menu,” says justine7179. They have no idea what you’re ordering unless it’s on the menu.

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Skip the tacos at Chipotle unless you’re fine with losing money. KourageWolf says it’s a complete rip-off because you’re paying more for less food. He suggests getting a bowl with taco shells on the side.

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The hot dogs or taquitos may look appetizing (or not), but you should skip it between midnight and four or five in the morning, says novelty_bone. At that time of the night, they’ve been on those hot rollers all day and are beyond disgusting.

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Burger King

They call it “fast food” because it’s supposed to be quick. If you’re in a hurry, shmandameyes says to avoid the chicken tenders or grilled chicken at Burger King. They’re usually made to order and take forever as a result.

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Buffalo Wild Wings

While it’s not exactly fast food, HunterOfTheSky says to ignore everything on the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings but the Buffalo wings. Everything else is just low-quality frozen food.

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Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s

Step away from the chicken tenders at Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s. According to i_Ryan, they were supposed to be thrown out 20 minutes after making them, but they often kept them around for hours. Gross.

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Boston Market

While almost everything at Boston Market is super fresh, haibanegatsu suggests thinking twice about any chicken that’s not on the bone. It’s always at least a day old.

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According to Wrinklestiltskin, Wendy’s has this fun saying about their supposedly fresh fries: “They aren’t old until they’re sold.”

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There are quite a few Sonic horror stories on Reddit, but TheFlyingBeagle’s takes the cake. His manager told everyone to skip wearing gloves unless corporate or the health inspector was there. He suggests avoiding anything that’s made with hands.

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