According To Science, These Are The People Most Likely To Cheat In Relationships

What makes a cheater? While there isn’t just one quality that guarantees a person will stray outside of their relationships, there have been numerous studies conducted that give more insight into who is more likely to cheat on their partners. 

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Female Teacher

Infidelity-based dating site Ashley Madison completed a study that showed one of the top professions for wives who cheat is a teacher. 

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People Who Have Already Cheated

Research from the University of Alabama showed that people who have a history of cheating are more likely to continue the behavior instead of learning from their mistakes.

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Kinky Partners

Mary Jo Rapni, an intimacy expert, says that a man who is cheating on you will all of a sudden perk up in the bedroom. Rapni claims that the man’s sex drive will increase because of his mistress, but when she isn’t around he will return to his wife.

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Rock And Roll Fans

Another affair website, Illicit Encounters, showed in their study that 41 percent of cheaters are rock music fans, while those who like rap were the most loyal.

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Rich Men

Wealthier men have power and riches at their fingertips, so they usually have a difficult time disassociating their career authority from their relationships. 

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Poorer Women

Studies show that poorer women are more likely to cheat on their spouses than richer women, with some evolutionary biologists suggesting this is all connected to climbing the genetic—and financial—ladder.

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The French

The French are known to be great lovers and deeply romantic, so it’s not surprising that sex toy brand LELO’s global study showed that 75 percent of the French admitted to carrying stepping outside of their relationships.

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Social Media Addicts

A Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking study showed that people who are addicted to social media—or at least use various platforms much of the day—are more inclined to have problems in their relationships, including cheating.

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Tall Men

Many women see tall men as being better, but Illicit Encounters’s study also showed that men over 5’10” cheated more frequently on their partners. 

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Ages That End In ‘9’

A study in the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences revealed that people whose ages ended in ‘9’ were more likely to cheat. This is because people who are about to turn over a new decade tend to make decisions that can change the course of their lives.

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